1. Dr.T.K.Bose:-

MD. Sr.Consultant (Med). Ex. ED Sail, Director (Medicine &Health Services)RSP and H.O.D Medicine, IGH. More than 50 years of experience in patient care and management. One of the most experienced and renowned physician in and around Rourkela & near by state. Specialisation in Cardiology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology and Diabetology.

2. Dr.D.Mohanty:-

MD. FACA (USA), Sr.Consultant (Med). Trained in Non-Invasive Cardiology viz Escort Heart Centre (New Delhi) & Rubi Hall Clinic (Pune)pioneer in implanting permanent pacemaker in Orissa was H.O.D Cardiology & ICU,IGH (Rourkela) for more than 10 years, 40 years of experience in the profession.

3. Dr.R.C.Nanda:-

MD. Sr.Consultant (Med). Ex. CDMO, sambalpur. Above 40 years of experience. A popular physician in and around Rourkela.

4. Dr.S.Mohanty

MD (Medicine), Ex. Director (M&HS) RSP SAIL; has put up more than 30 years of service as Physician. He is known nationally and internationally for conducting clinical research in Malaria, for which he was awarded 'Dr. S Patnaik Memorial' Award in 2014. During his tenure he was in-charge of ICU for more than 10 years and was HoD of Medicine IGH.

5. Dr. Uma Devi: -

MD. Sr. Consultant (Pulmonologist), was H.O.D of Dept. of Chest and TB, IGH,( Rourkela). An expert in her field. Has an experience of around 35 years.

6. Dr.K.J.Jaiswal:-

Sr.Consultant(Radiology). More than 35 years of experience in Radiology, ultrasonography & CT Scan. Retired as Joint Director I/C (M&HS) &H.O.D - Radiology & imaging services, IGH.

7. Dr.Debasish Pattnaik:-

MS. Sr.Consultant(General Surgery). A popular and experienced surgeon in all kinds of general surgery. Specialisation in advanced Laparoscopic surgery, Bariatric & metabolic surgery.

8. Dr.P.C.Jena :-

MS. Sr.Consultant(Laparoscopic Surgeon). Ex. Registrar DDV Govt. Hospital (Delhi), Ex Consultant sarvodaya Hospital (Delhi). Around 25 years of experience behind him in all kind of general surgery. Specialisation in Laparoscopic surgery.

9. Dr.S.K.Nayak:-

MS. Sr.Consultant (Orthopedics). A popular Ortho Surgeon having around 23 years of experience in the field.

10. Dr.Pradeep Kesari:-

MS. Surgical Oncologist, Available on 2nd week of every month by appointment, was Asst. Professor surgical Oncology – Nizam Institute Of Manipal Hospital – Bangalore.

11. Dr.(Mrs.)Niyati Swain:-

Sr.Consultant (O & G), was sr. Dy.Director I/C & H.O.D (O&G) , IGH. After working for around 28 years in IGH is now associated with CWS Hospital.

12. Dr.(Mrs.)Rupali Biswal:-

MD. Sr.Consultant (O & G). Having 8 years of experience behind her, attached with CWS Hospital since Feb – 2011.

13. Dr.P.K.Parida:-

Sr.Consultant (ENT), was H.O.D, Dept. of ENT, IGH, Specialised in Microsurgery, Ear & Larynx, experience in Rigid & Fibre - optic Bronchoscopy. Pioneer in Pediatric Rigid Bronchoscopy. More than 40 years of experience in the field of Auto Rhino Laryngology.

14. Dr.R.Patel:-

Sr.Consultant (EYE/Ophthalmology), More than 35 years of experience. Specialist in Phaco Surgery.

15. Dr.J.K.Pattnaik:-

MD.Sr.Consultant (Pathology). Specialisation in Histopathology & Cytology. More than 40 years of experience. Patient from all over Orissa & far of places seek his opinion. Pioneer in Starting FNAC in IGH(Rourkela) and also in Odisha. He has also contributed significantly in Malaria Research.

16. Dilip Sahoo:-

MS. Sr. Consultant (O&G). More than 35 years of experience in his field. Has retired from Govt. service in 2013.

17. Dr.G.P.Sett:-

Sr.Consultant(Dental). Dental Surgeon, was H.O.D, Dept of dental,IGH. Around 35 years of experience in dental Surgery.

18. Dr.Debjit Kar:-

MD.Consultant (Skin & VD), Fellow in dermatosurgery and lasers (IADVL). Speciality of interest : All kinds of cosmetic procedure & Dermato Surgery.

19. Dr.Priti Patro:-

MD. (Anaesthesia), Sr.Consultant,18 years of experience.

20. Dr. H.K. Panda:

MD. Sr.Consultant (Anaesthesia), was attached to IGH for around 35 years.

21. Dr.Sadasiv Swain:

MD. (Anaesthesia). More than 35 years of experience. H.O.D. Dept. of Anaesthesia, IGH (Rourkela) & specialist in Intensive Care.

22. Dr.Hema Satpathy:

MBBS,FCGP, Sr.Consultant. Ex. Sr. Dy. Director,(M&HS).Dept. of Radiology,IGH (Rourkela). More than 25 years of experience in Sonography.

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